[Bovine how vigorously the role of water to drink]_ _ efficacy

[Bovine how vigorously the role of water to drink]_ _ efficacy

Niu great many people do not know, but familiar herbs knows that great cattle is a high medicinal value of herbs, it is one kind of roots of vines, the year can be dug, but in a yearautumn digging medicinal best.

In addition to other herbs and brewed with traditional Chinese medicine, it can also be used to immerse themselves in water to drink.

This article describes in detail the method of water to drink, with a look.

Great cattle can be soaked in water to drink it the answer is yes, like a cup of tea the same.

Great cattle can be soaked in water to drink, water to drink cow vigorously physical health, nourishing the kidneys and so on.

Li also called pig cattle vigorously, mountain lotus root, root Queensway, Admiralty hung upside down, to potatoes, cattle vigorously genus of leguminous plants dielsiana beautiful dielsiana, is a traditional medicinal and edible plants, root medicine, economyhigh value and medicinal value.

It can be taken early to fall uprooter preferred.

Washed, sliced dried or steamed first and then the sun.

Great cattle drinking tea is a good effect Niu great men and women Safe medicine, in the spring, they can direct the removal, and then placed in the water as a tea.

Great cattle can be soaked in water to drink?

Nature is possible.

Body weaker, cough, or rheumatic diseases, drink a little every day, be fit and healthy.

Pig soup tastes great cattle and beef will be unique soil Fuling, as well as stewed pig bones put together, and finally add salt you can eat.

The hot taste good, and meat soup, but also to enhance physical fitness.

Great cattle can be soaked in water to drink?

This hot and brewed tea has the same effect.

Beef vigorous chicken soup has a good tonic effect. Clean the beef vigorously and wolfberry, then put it together with chicken pieces, add water, boil over heat, and then simmer for two hours with low heat. Finally, when eating, put salt andchicken seasoning on it.

This beef and wolfberry chicken soup tastes slightly sweet, but it has a good nourishing effect, so women can eat it appropriately.

The powerful effect of cattle can nourish the lungs and strengthen the muscles.

For lumbar muscle strain, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, chronic hepatitis, nocturnal emission, vaginal discharge.