[Can sweet potatoes be eaten on an empty stomach]

[Can sweet potatoes be eaten on an empty stomach]

Sweet potato is a crude fiber food, which is low in nutrition and rich in nutrition. People who need to lose weight can use sweet potatoes as a staple food instead of rice.

Many people think that sweet potatoes are green foods, so there is no problem how to eat them. In fact, eating sweet potatoes is very particular about eating them on an empty stomach. It is not a good idea for people with stomach problems.

First, sweet potatoes cannot be eaten on an empty stomach, but sweet potatoes are rich in protein and starch, so they cannot be used as a staple food alone.

In addition, sweet potatoes contain tannins and gums, as well as the amount of sugar. These are caused by recombination of the stomach, which stimulates the stomach wall to secrete and convert gastric acid, which easily causes heartburn.

It also contains an oxidase, which produces a large amount of carbon dioxide gas in the gastrointestinal tract. If you eat too much, you will experience abdominal distension and snoring.

It is more difficult to digest on an empty stomach, especially raw food.

Therefore, it is recommended not to eat sweet potatoes on an empty stomach.

Eat with vegetables, fruits, and protein foods to avoid nutritional imbalances.

Second, people who are not suitable to eat sweet potatoes1, people with oxalic acid kidney stones, because sweet potatoes contain a lot of oxalate.

2. Some people with chronic and chronic diseases, reflux esophagitis, and gastric ulcers are not suitable for eating sweet potatoes, and eating sweet potatoes can cause acidic water and heartburn, which can cause serious illness.

3, people with weak spleen and stomach, eating sweet potatoes, easily cause abdominal discomfort, or even thin.

Third, sweet potato consumption principle 1, it is best to eat at noon on the order of the day, it is best to eat sweet potatoes at noon, because after eating sweet potatoes, it needs to be absorbed in the human body for 4-5 hours.

At the same time, the sunlight in the afternoon can promote the absorption of calcium.

Eat sweet potatoes at night, the sugar content is too much, the body can not absorb for a while, easy to bulge.

2. Do not eat sweet potatoes with sweets. Sweet potatoes cannot be eaten with sweets, because sweet potatoes are sweet. If you add sweets together, you will increase the possibility of gastroesophageal reflux.

3. Don’t eat hot roasted sweet potatoes with skin, sweet and delicious, and some roasted overflow with “sugar oil”.

Sweet potato skins are very popular, and many people eat them with skins.

However, experts point out that it is best not to eat the skin of roasted sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes contaminated by black spot bacteria are not easy to distinguish after roasting. Therefore, do not eat sweet potatoes with black spots or charred.

At the same time, although most of the roasted sweet potatoes on the street have been replaced by ovens, too many are sintered with coal. Coal burns a large amount of harmful substances such as sulfur dioxide, which is harmful to health.