Each weight gain is 10 pounds, and the metabolism is gradually slowed down.


Each weight gain is 10 pounds, and the metabolism is gradually slowed down.

A comparison of several pairs of thin twins and fat twins by Scandinavian nutrition experts found that the unfortunate cells of obese twins undergo metabolic changes.

They suggested that as long as the weight gain of 10 pounds will slow down the metabolism, as long as it becomes fat, it is difficult to lose.

  Experts from the Diet Group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences explained: Q: Why does every 10 kg of weight increase the metabolism?

  A: The proportion of adults in the body is increased, and the metabolic rate per unit weight is lower.

If the body weight exceeds the standard weight of 10 kg, the metabolism begins to slow down, and each weight gain is 10 kg, and the metabolism is gradually slowed down.

Standard weight calculation formula: (height (cm) – 100) × 0.

9 = standard weight (kg).

  Q: Will metabolic slowdown lead to weight gain?


  A: Yes!

Metabolism can quickly and quickly consume the body. If the metabolic rate is slow, the remaining can not be used or consumed in time, it will be stored by the body and turned into unfortunate.

In addition, the metabolic rate increases with age, with an average reduction of 2% every 10 years.

With the increase of age, if you eat as much, the amount of exercise is not strengthened, and it is even more difficult to escape. This is the reason why you tend to gain weight after the age of forty.

  That is to say, when we first start to gain weight, it may be difficult. As time goes by, we will gradually gain weight and it will become easier to gain weight.

From the beginning to the success, we only need to persist.

This is also the reason why fat people will become more and more fat.

At the same time, aerobic exercise is the most easy to improve metabolism, such as brisk walking, jogging, skating, swimming, fitness dance, skipping, etc., so we should avoid these sports.