8 tips for pearl powder beauty


8 tips for pearl powder beauty

They say that pearl powder has a beauty effect, but how does it work?

Few people speak clearly.

In fact, pearl powder must be combined with some other medicinal beauty products in order to exert its effect.

Here are some usages of pearl powder for everyone: 1.

First, find a used beauty bottle or a small cup, pour some pearl powder into the container, and mix with a small amount of milk to mix thoroughly.

In order to prevent the pearl powder applied on the surface from being replaced, a little honey can be added to it, and the amount should not be too much.

Then, wash the face with warm water, apply the adjusted pearl powder evenly on both ends, and massage the freckles for a while.

After 20 minutes, wash off with warm water.

Do your best every night before going to bed.


For allergies, acne materials: about 4 grams of pearl powder, egg white.

Stir well and try to thicken.

15 minutes-After 20 minutes, it can be washed away, which can cure allergies and remove acne.


Use pearl water to clean the face with warm water, then pour half of the pearl powder and daily skin care products to fully blend, apply evenly on the face, and gently massage.

  Role: Form a protective moisturizing layer on the face, nourish the skin, isolate external stimuli, and naturally whiten.


Make sure to apply a proper amount of pearl powder to the makeup. Apply evenly on both ends of the makeup. After 10 minutes, use the makeup brush to remove the pearl powder on the face.

  Role: Make face makeup lasting, and make skin tender and rich in texture.


Pearl skin toner thoroughly cleans the skin before going to bed.

3g pearl powder is blended with lotion and pat on the surface.

  Function: Provide extra nutrients to the skin, so that the skin can be completely relaxed and rested.


The pearl banana mask smashes a peeled banana, then adds 2 spoons of cream, 2 spoons of strong tea and 0.

3 grams of pearl powder, apply to the face after blending, and wash with water after 10 minutes-20 minutes.

  Role: Can eliminate wrinkles and keep skin shiny.


Pearl aloe vera mask will be 2 spoons of aloe juice, 2 spoons of flour and 1.

5 grams of pearl powder is stirred into a paste, and then evenly coated on both ends, aligned. When the drying starts, apply a second layer, and wash with water after 20 minutes.

Role: Can prevent skin sagging and delay skin aging.


Pearl tea pearls, tea, each equal amount, brew the tea with boiling water, and serve pearl powder with tea juice.

It has moisturizing, youthful and beauty effects, and is suitable for skin that begins to age.