[How to make winter melon egg cakes]_ making methods _ Daquan

[How to make winter melon egg cakes]_ making methods _ Daquan

Winter melon egg cake is a relatively common dish. Its main ingredients are winter melon, onion, flour, eggs and other ingredients. The nutritional effect is still good. We know that winter melon has a good diuretic and diuretic effect, and has a good summer heat effect.For the health of the body, it is more beneficial. It has a good effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. If you want to make the melon egg cake delicious, you can cut it into diced and add flour.

How to make winter melon egg pie 1.

Wash and peel the winter melon and onion.


Cut small dices for use, 3.

Beat the eggs in the flour and stir with water.


Add chopped winter melon diced onion, salt, and thirteen incense.


Adjust to paste.


Pour a little oil into the pan, pour the prepared batter and spread with a spatula.


Fry until golden brown and turn to the other side.


Fry both sides into golden brown, cut out and serve.

Method 2: Main ingredients: 500 grams of melon (about), one egg accessory: shallots, garlic 1.

Beat the eggs first, beat them evenly, then put the green onions, and cut the green onions a little (I do n’t know what everyone is like, I cut the green onions with scissors.

), Then stir it and put some salt in it (I have a light taste so I only put a few) 2.

The next thing is to cut the melon, which is easier to taste.


Pour oil in the pan, pour more (make sure that your eggs can be fried with soft bubbles, and you can fry the melon with some oil.

), Then fry the eggs that have been beaten previously, and fry until they are bright yellow (you can also burn them a little, depending on personal taste, I think it’s tender and tender.

) Illustration of the practice of melon eggs 44.

Poured into melon?
Fried together.

Sprinkle some garlic foam (very fragrant), add salt and water after frying (I added a little salt in this place, because I originally gave less salt and the taste was very light, so I added more water.

) After the juice is collected, it can be released!

good smell.

Efficacy and role of melon 1, clearing away heat and relieving heat: melon has a cold and sweet taste, clearing away heat, and concealing troubles, especially in summer.

2. Lowering blood pressure, diuretic and swelling: Because melon contains vitamin C decomposed, and high potassium content, low sodium salt content, it is most suitable for patients with hypertension, kidney disease, edema disease, etc. who need low sodium food.

3. Protect the kidney: Winter melon juice and winter melon extract can increase animal urine output, reduce the degree of nephropathy caused by mercury rise, and have a significant effect on reducing serum troponin.

4, weight loss and fat reduction: studies have found that melon is mixed with glycerol.

It can effectively control the conversion of sugars into fat in the body, prevent the accumulation of body fat, and also consume excess excess fat, which has a good weight loss effect.

Trigonelline is mainly present in winter melon tincture, which can help the body’s metabolism and inhibit the conversion of sugars to aunt is also one of the functional factors for weight loss and lipid reduction in winter melon.

5, beauty and beauty: oleic acid in melon seeds, has the activity of inhibiting melanin deposition in the body, is a good emollient beauty ingredient.

The protein and citrulline contained in melon seeds can moisturize the skin and inhibit the formation of melanin.

6. Hypoglycemic: The content of fiber in winter melon is very high, and it contains about 0 per 100g of fiber.

9 grams.Modern medical research shows that foods high in dietary fiber have a good effect on improving blood sugar levels, and a person’s glycemic index is inversely related to the amount of food fiber in food.

In addition, polycarbonate can lower cholesterol in the body.

7. Exclude carcinogens: The crude fibers in hypolipidemic melon can stimulate peristalsis and excrete the carcinogens accumulated in the body as soon as possible.